Internet Marketing

As we know, marketing to day different that the old days. Internet, especially social media take place in marketing. There are companies or individuals who are basically small or newly established in business can make the sale and also widen the influence among target audiences in a short and effective timeframe, even able to overcome long-standing companies in an industry but still maintain traditional marketing methods .

 Besides web design, also offer fanpage management, like marketing, campaign and others. 

There are 4 main purpose of marketing via social media.


1. Brand awareness

To create awareness about your brand or product.

2. Generate Leads

With Social marketing, you can collect leads or information about your targetted or potential customer. So this information you can make direct marketing via email, telefon, mail and others.

3. Customer

From the lead that we collect before we can convert become our client.

4. Drive Traffic

Besides 3 items that state before, social marketing also help us to drive more traffic to our website, were from website our prospect can get more infor thus make a purchase.


Sample: One of the facebook page that we manage is Sifu Webmasta with 49,284 fans!

fb market


Sekiranya anda ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai internet marketing, media social marketing, sila hubungi kami untuk penerangan lanjut.