Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Looking for the best web design services in Malaysia?

A website should be engaging, easy to navigate and focused on your target audience.

The user journey dictates whether you convert a prospect into a profitable customer. Each decision you make about the design will affect how a user interacts with the page. You’ve got to include the right information so that users can make informed decisions, and your calls to action should drive them toward a key goal.

I can create a website that puts your users first. I’ll guide you on the best features and create user-focused designs with smooth navigation to make sure your website converts.

A “good” website isn’t good enough to break through and convert users into engaged customers and brand ambassadors. What you really need is a great website. 

Good website = Responsive design + SEO + Fast Loading + Simplicity + Call to action.

To get a good design website, you need an experienced web designer.


Speed is my priority!

Some web designers only focus on the design 100% but at the same time ignore the page speed. For me, page speed is my priority. Page speed is a huge factor in your website’s success, as it can impact your search engine rankings, customer satisfaction, and conversion rate. If your page is slow and sluggish, it will affect your Search Engine Optimizing (SEO). SEO is one of the key determining factors for Google’s algorithm. Fast sites provide good user experiences for your visitors, and Google will rank those sites higher than slow-loading ones.

Having a beautiful website is important as it will give your customer a good experience but a fast-loading website will help your website to get indexed better in search engines.

Search engine Optimizing Services

I will make sure the website is indexed on search engines!

I believe you came across this website because you searched “Freelance Web Designer“, “Freelance Web Developer“, or “Web Design Services” through Google or Bing. This is what we call SEO or Search Engine Optimizing. When a prospect or customer can find you on search engines, that means Kaching! You’re in business! This is important for Search Engine Optimizing!

Some companies who offer web design services only build or design the website but ignore SEO. That’s why we can see some websites perfectly designed, but when we google the website, we can’t find it on the 1st page. This is because the SEO for the website is poorly set up.

For most of my client website, I will make sure the design look and feels good, and it’s easy to find in search engine. I will make sure the website will index to google. So why should you waste your time and money hiring another SEO expert while there is a person who offers you web design services and, at the same time, takes care of your SEO?

I also provided Search Engine Optimizing Services for those websites that were already built but had a poor index in search engines. You can check this page >> Search Engine Optimizing Services.

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